What you should know before ordering furniture with HPL?

High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) plastic is a synthetic material that literally means “high-pressure laminate.” It consists of several layers of kraft paper, which are bonded together under the influence of temperature and pressure. The plastic, in its finished form, has a thickness ranging from 0.6 to 25 mm, depending on the number of layers it contains. Thanks to the manufacturing technology of HPL, this material is impact-resistant and maintains its original appearance for several years.

There’s no need to fear scratches or the effects of chemicals. Furniture made of HPL does not chip, is resistant to temperature and humidity fluctuations, and is extremely easy to care for. Customers often choose HPL countertops for their kitchens because they can be easily cleaned from stains without the need for additional special products. Decorative plastic is also used for decorating bathrooms, facades, work surfaces, and exterior elements.

Advantages of HPL:

Durability and Strength

HPL plastic is manufactured using kraft paper, wood particle board from deciduous and coniferous trees, and wood fibre board from fine wood chips, onto which thermosetting resin is applied. This is an environmentally friendly and natural product that gains new properties through the combination of resin and paper, which are not inherent in other types of plastic.
When HPL is applied to a surface under pressure and high temperature, it “adopts” all the bends and details of the product. For optimal results, the plastic should be used on both sides of the board and in one direction.

The manufacturing technology of the plastic ensures its density – the material does not absorb water and does not deteriorate. During the production of HPL, the resin begins to melt and change its molecular structure, making the plastic hard and resistant to mechanical damage.

Compared to wood or laminated boards, HPL plastic is capable of withstanding more loads and has a longer service life. It is waterproof, making it an ideal material for environments with constant moisture. For example, in bathrooms, kitchens, or exterior cladding, where raindrops may come into contact.

Installing HPL plastic is quick and easy. The material is available in the form of sheets that can be attached to surfaces using adhesive bonding or rivets.

A recreation area in the cottage town of Skogur

Aesthetics and Versatility

Choosing furniture made from HPL is a smart decision for both homes and offices. Modern HPL panels are available in various thicknesses, sizes, textures, and appearances. They can mimic stone, wood, metal, and even fabric.

Thanks to a wide range of colours, the plastic will complement any interior and look stylish and harmonious. Among the textures offered by manufacturers are gloss, relief, matte, and semi-matte textures, as well as coarse and fine-grain textures. HPL plastic does not trigger allergens and does not release toxins during use, making it a completely safe material.

Due to its flexibility and lightweight nature, customers can create furniture with HPL according to their own custom designs or take into account personal preferences. This also applies to the shape, pattern, and shade of the product.
Decorative plastic, apart from being used in furniture production, is also utilized for interior decoration in homes and various applications such as doors, elevators, advertising signs, and stands. The material does not deform during transportation and generates minimal waste during installation.

Easy Maintenance

Cleaning HPL plastic is simple and requires only a regular household cleaner, a sponge, or a soft damp cloth. To keep the plastic clean and stain-free, it’s sufficient to wipe it with a damp cloth and then dry it. HPL plastic is resistant to stains from tea, coffee, wine, syrup, and other beverages or food. However, it is recommended to promptly clean the surface of any dirt and to exercise caution with beet juice, blueberries, or tomato puree.

To maintain the original appearance of HPL furniture for as long as possible, it’s advisable to avoid cleaners with abrasive particles. The material is entirely eco-friendly from its creation to its disposal.

Among the potential drawbacks of HPL plastic is its relatively lower heat resistance compared to some other surfaces (e.g., quartz or acrylic stone) and a more limited variety of textures and structures.

However, in typical household conditions, furniture made from High-Pressure Laminate plastic proves to be an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor use. These furnishings can be customized according to personal taste. The plastic is weather-resistant, easy to maintain, and can mimic the look of wood or stone, providing an upscale appearance. Due to HPL’s strength and resistance to damage, there’s no need to worry about ordering and transporting it – the material is robust and does not deform.

Thanks to its characteristics, HPL plastic furniture is often used in the hotel and restaurant industry. Tables, chairs, and bar counters – when made from HPL material, these items are guaranteed to last for years, even in high-traffic environments. This is why hotel owners, restaurant operators, cafes, offices, and co-working spaces often prefer HPL.

Plastic serves for a long time and does not require replacement, leading to cost savings. The material is stain-resistant, unlike, for example, particleboard. Particleboard doesn’t handle moisture as well. Special creams and polishes are recommended for maintenance. Therefore, HPL plastic is also suitable for owners of SPA complexes, where preserving the appearance of furniture and decorative elements is crucial in high humidity.

Today, you can order HPL plastic furniture FROP Wooden Corporation, a company that has executed over 200 projects in its 9 years of operation. The company offers products for both business and personal use. The furniture manufacturing process takes place and is monitored directly on-site, without involving subcontractors. Thus, FROP is directly responsible for product quality. The company’s partner is “BUDZIRKA,” officially representing one of the largest HPL panel manufacturers in Europe, the Austrian company FunderMax, in Ukraine. Currently, there are no equivalents to its technical specifications worldwide.

HPL countertops and facades for the Stories beauty salon


HPL kitchen for Skogur cottage town

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